Our overall strategy is to provide exceptional service processing credit cards and checks at a competitive price.


Retail Credit Card Processing

The way a retail location processes credit cards can mean the difference between a customer leaving your store or staying to complete the transaction and returning for future purchases. We have solutions to speed up your transaction time.

Internet Credit Card Processing

Processing credit cards over the internet is an ever evolving business. Retail stores that are looking to accept credit cards on their website or strictly internet based business have a select group of needs that we help serve. The most important relationships we have after our merchants are our third party vendors. Being in business since 1994 has allowed us to use numerous vendors and search out and find the top companies to handle our clients business.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Being able to process credit cards anywhere allows you as the merchant to get paid anywhere with cell phone reception. Our devices are PCI-DSS compliant and work with iPhones, Androids or Blackberry’s. PCI-DSS keeps your customers credit card numbers secure.

Gift Card Processing

Your ability to offer gift cards to your customers allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and makes their mind up where to shop. Our solutions that we offer are compatible with gift cards and we have a privatized system that allows you as the business owner to log in and see how many cards are outstanding and the values left on each.

Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal provides many options for merchants looking to process credit cards. Inside of a virtual terminal, you’ll have the ability to schedule re-occurring payments along with processing the payment immediately. By processing the re-occurring payments rather than storing the credit card data physically or in an excel sheet, the way of processing is now considered PCI-DSS complaint. There are many different virtual terminals available; MSCG can help you find the proper one for your business.

Need multiple options? No problem!

If your business requires multiple processing solutions we can connect all of the devices to a central portal so you as the business owner have visual access to the activity all in one place. Our efficient and effective processing solutions will save you time and money.

With so many different options how do you know which to choose? That’s where MSCG comes in. We help to decipher between all the different options out there to seek out the most effective, efficient and most inexpensive option available on the market. Visa has many different types of fees known as interchange. MasterCard also has their interchange fees listed as well. There are plenty of companies that offer online processing, but they are gateways and seldom can offer a merchant account. With 18 years of experience behind us, we’ve vetted our partners thoroughly and can find the best solution for you and your company.


Strategies for saving you money

With our experience and knowledge we can save businesses money on their credit card processing fees. We’ve saved $30/mo to $3,600/mo and strive to help merchants process credit cards in the most cost effective and ergonomically simple manner. If you are already accepting credit cards you may be paying too much.

Learn why and how we can help

Customer service

If you’re looking for a local credit card processor, it’s probably because 800 numbers or a ticket system is not how you do business. That’s not how we do business either.

All of our representatives have their cell phone number on their business card along with our local office number. At MSCG, we rely heavily on our customer service and knowledge to alleviate the need to call an 800 number. 99% of problems can be solved by us rather than an 800 number. Give us a try and see how we put the ‘service’ back into Merchant Service!

Trust and reliability

What are some of the things that you, the small business owner, would want from any of your vendors? Honest, upfront, reliable are all adjectives that you would want from your vendors. Seldom do businesses have the time to sit and decipher the difference between credit card processing companies other than reading some fictitious review online.

MSCG, being a family run business for over 18 years, understands the struggles, issues and problems that most small businesses face. That’s why we’ve partnered with a number of companies that we trust and respect to serve our clients. From an accountant, business attorney, payroll company or even a part-time CFO, we have the ‘good’ guys on our side.