Skate Park Credit Card Processing

Location: Outside of Boston Massachusetts

Brief description: A skate park located just outside of Boston, MA was referred to MSCG by a trusted friend. They were interested in saving money on their credit card processing fees. They also have a gift card system that is currently in place. By having two separate areas to accept credit cards, one for the park itself and the other for boards and equipment, they were being sent two statements, resulting in them being charged twice for a statement and security fees (one for each ‘location’).

Solution: MSCG analyzed their statement and determined that most of their fees were coming from ‘downgrades’. By looking into the specific types of cards they were taking, MSCG was able to find multiple categories that could be classified differently, resulting in lower fees. We also merged the two systems together resulting in one concise statement. We also were able to transfer the preexisting gift card program, with many cards still having balances on them, to still be processed through the new system.

Conclusion: After completing the download on each machine, they now process credit cards for less money and process the old and new gift cards without a problem. With MSCG, they are saving over $30/mo and have a contact if anything goes wrong.

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