Restaurant Credit Card Processing

Location: Connecticut

Brief description: A well known ice cream parlor who never accepted credit cards was looking into accepting credit cards to cater to the new younger generation. The fear was the exorbitant fees and complexity of the transaction.

Solution: By explaining what the expected fees were going to be on an ongoing basis and a projection of what they should expect in the future, they felt comfortable moving forward. In order to allow the transactions to operate faster and easier, purchases under $25 do not require a receipt. Training with all of the staff was a must as they have never taken credit cards before.

Conclusion: Education is a large part of the credit card processing business. Simply teaching business owners the correct way to accept credit cards for their specific business needs and walking each staff member through processing credit cards, avoids complications in the future. The merchant is seeing larger purchases, fewer mistakes by the cashiers and more ancillary items being purchased.


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