Remodeling Company Credit Card Processing

Location: Metrowest Massachusetts

Brief description: A remodeling company based out of Metrowest Massachusetts was using QuickBooks to process credit card transactions. They liked the ability to use QuickBooks, but the fees were too high and cutting into the bottom line.

Solution: MSCG was able to use a plug-in module for QuickBooks and reduce their credit card fees in the process. Because of the nature of their work, they needed the ability to process credit cards on multiple computers at the same time. MSCG has solutions that fit this merchant perfectly and correct a few of the fields that were not being entered in properly.

Conclusion: Because this merchant decided to change processors, they have saved over $1,000+ per month on their credit card processing fees. The ability to save that amount of money, or any amount of money, on a monthly basis correlates directly to the profitability of the business. The way they process credit cards is relatively the same, but every time they do so, they are paying less.

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