Italian Market Credit Card Processing

Location: Metrowest Massachusetts

Brief description: An Italian deli/market outside of Boston never accepted credit cards before and after enough people came to the counter to pay, handed their credit cards and heard the phrase ‘cash-only’, they ended up walking out. The unique situation was the level of sophistication of the equipment needed to be on a level that was easy for an older generation to use.

Solution: There are so many types of terminals out there, and different plans it can become very confusing. Fortunately, at MSCG, we have access to a variety of different terminals to fit every clients needs. After finding a terminal with the easiest functionality, Steve Brudner installed the terminal and trained the multi-generational staff.

Conclusion: The client is seeing higher average sales due to the acceptance of credit cards and larger party platters purchased more often. Everyone inside of this family business has learned to use the credit card machine. Making a correction is a simple process that the entire staff can accomplish.

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