Italian Deli Credit Card Processing

Location: Fairfield County Connecticut

Brief description: A famous Italian deli in Fairfield county was thinking about accepting credit cards. They never had accepted them before because of the high fees and there was not enough demand to accept them. They decided to look into accepting credit cards.

Solution: MSCG worked with the store owner to determine where the machine would be located so it was out of the way, yet easily accessible. During lunch and dinner, they will have 15-20 people in line with another 5-10 people waiting to pay. Speed and efficiency during these times are biggest challenge. MSCG has access to the fastest and most reliable terminals on the market.

Conclusion: After two months of processing credit cards for the first time, they had the busiest Saturday in 4 years. Customers have been coming in expressing their gratitude because they now accept credit cards. What is more exciting is new customers have said to the owner they will be coming in more often because in the past, they have only had their debit card and chose to go elsewhere because of it.

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