Home Heating Oil Credit Card Processing

Location: Metrowest Massachusetts

Brief description: A home heating oil company based out of Metrowest Massachusetts wanted to review their credit card processing fees. They knew about some special program for heating oil and wanted more information. They used a special software that was designed specifically for the home heating oil industry.

Solution: MSCG walked through the steps of how to qualify for these types of lower rates and still use the same software they had been using for years. With no added expense, MSCG went to the merchants location to walk through the change over. Fortunately, at MSCG, we have access to a variety of ‘front-ends’ and we can connect to just about every software available on the market.

Conclusion: Because of our vast knowledge of interchange, we were able to qualify this merchant at the best possible rates and it turned into roughly $850/mo of savings in October and roughly $1,500/mo in January. The conversion was seamless and they had 10 minutes of downtime during the transition.

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