Gas Station and Service Center Credit Card Processing

Location: Blackstone Valley Massachusetts

Brief description: An auto repair service center that also sells fuel was interested in reviewing their merchant statement. They did not have auto fuel dispensary pumps that had the ability to accept credit cards installed, just one stand alone terminal operating on a phone line inside of their building that ran transactions for the repair shop as well as the gas pumps. They would use gift certificates if customers wanted to give a ‘gas card’ to their family/friends for the holidays.

Solution: After watching a number of transaction take place in a matter of minutes, I noticed that the machine they were using was set up on a phone line and not on an internet line (an IP line). Because the machine was set up on a phone line and not on an internet line/IP line, they spent roughly 10-12 seconds on every swipe waiting for the receipt to print as additional customers were waiting to pay. In addition, Wrights Express and Voyager credit cards were being accepted, but in order to finish the transaction, the merchant had to call in the card numbers over the phone, put the customer on the phone, and finally authorize the sale. Once the sale was processed, it would take 30 days for him to receive his payments from these two types of cards. By putting the right equipment with the right back-end processor, we were able to process credit cards in 2-3 seconds (versus 10-12 seconds) and fund Wrights Express and Voyager cards next day.

Conclusion: After completing the analysis and installing the new IP enabled equipment, we were able to save this business over $500 per month and fund Wrights Express and Voyager next day. Instead of having gift certificates that can be easily replicated, now they have custom logoed gift cards with their brand and phone number on them.

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