Event Company Credit Card Processing

Location: Central Massachusetts

Brief description: A company based out of central Massachusetts runs an expo once a year. They accept payments throughout the year for booths at the expo. When the event happens, they the ability to accept credit cards at the registration desk for attendees to pay by credit card.

Solution: MSCG is partnered with a number of companies that can provide a solution to this merchant that will be able to accept payments throughout the year via a virtual terminal as well as iPhone swipers. By enabling this merchant to accept credit cards at the front registration desk, the speed of the line is not only faster, but the attendees also tend to purchase tickets to other paid programs inside of the event.

Conclusion: Now the merchant has three iPhone swipers that are used once a year and throughout the year, they process deposits as well as full booth sales via the online gateway. The merchant is very satisfied and by being able to accept credit cards at an event has proven to speed the process up.


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