Doctor’s Office Credit Card Processing

Location: Central Massachusetts

Brief description: A current MSCG client referred a doctor’s office currently accepting credit cards and they wanted to see if switching to MSCG would save money.

Solution: After analyzing the statement, this medical facility appeared to be paying an exceptionally competitive rate for credit cards. Once we started to dig deeper into their statement, there were a few categories of cards that seemed higher than they should. After asking questions about how they process their credit cards, it became much clearer.

Conclusion: MSCG was able to save more than $125/mo by replacing their faulty equipment. It seemed that some weeks their machine would read the card correctly, and other times would not read the card at all; causing them to key in their credit card data. By replacing the equipment with an updated model, the machine is running smooth and efficiently. At MSCG, we look at more than just ‘The Rate’.

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