Distributor Credit Card Processing

Location: Atlanta, GA

Brief description: A company based out of Atlanta, GA currently accepts credit cards through a handful of physical terminals. They had the same customers on a repeating basis and did not store credit card numbers requiring the constant need to ask for the card number after each purchase. Because of the inconvenience of acceptance, most of their customers took advantage of the 10 net 30 they were being offered delaying funds to this merchant.

Solution: By using our resources and knowledge of interchange , we were able to give this merchant a PCI compliant way to store card numbers and lower their fees by approximately 0.35%. Through this website, they have the ability to charge their customers by clicking on the customers name rather than asking for a card number. In addition, we were able to have this service qualify more of their transactions at lower interchange rates.

Conclusion: Two months after this change took place, the merchant now prefers taking payments by credit cards because of our next day funding capabilities. They paid just over $2,000 in fees before they transitioned to MSCG. Now, they pay just over $8,000 in fees…on more than five times the credit card volume. The earlier funding has enabled the merchant to get discounts on what they buy and resell because of the liquidity they now experience. Even though their credit card fees increased (4 times!), the discounts they receive far exceed the additional credit card fees.

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