Dental Practice Credit Card Processing

Location: Boston Massachusetts

Brief description: A dentist and his staff were extremely frustrated by their current merchant services provider. After they batched, the money showed up in their checking account in 3 days and their American Express arrived in 3-4 days. The fees were also taken out prior to deposit creating an accounting nightmare. ($100 sale, $97.50 deposited)

Solution: Credit card processing is not always about price, although saving money is great. MSCG set up this merchant on next day funding for all of the card brands and had the fees taken out once time at the end of the month. This merchant also was keying in the transactions due to an oversight by the previous representative. By adding card swiping devices to each computer in the reception area, the merchant can swipe the cards versus manually entering the cards.

Conclusion: MSCG was able to engineer a solution for this merchant and save them money. Now, the merchant receives all of their credit card money next day and the fees are taken out once at the end of the month. By adding the swiping system, MSCG was able to save over $100 per month.


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