Construction Contractor Credit Card Processing

Location: Framingham Massachusetts

Brief description: A construction contractor based out of Framingham Massachusetts wanted to explore accepting credit cards as a way to get their money sooner.

Solution: MSCG installed a physical terminal at this merchant’s location and now, the company is receiving their payments via credit cards next day versus waiting 30 days. We looked at using a wireless credit card machine, but being new to accepting credit cards, it was in MSCG’s and the clients opinion, to try out the physical wired credit card terminal and then change to the wireless in the future.

Conclusion: Since installing this terminal and after our review, we have decided not to add the wireless credit card machine. The cost savings by swiping the transaction versus keying the transaction in was not great enough to justify the cost of the new wireless machine. The clients ability to accept credit cards has drastically improved their daily cash flow and they now PREFER to accept credit cards. Not accepting credit cards in the past led to delayed funding to their suppliers not to mention the stress of not receiving money in a timely fashion puts on the business as well as the business owner.

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